Everything a true artisan bakery sells is made from scratch.

It does not involve chemical additives like bread improver, yeast food, premixes or preservatives. 

Artisan bread

Authentic sourdough bread, when properly produced, is key to sustained sales growth and minimal wastage. Your customer base multiplies through word of mouth, and stays with you for many years. People value the honesty and integrity associated with true artisan techniques. - for too long the bakery business has been dominated by convenience of production and marketing artifice.

And true sourdough bread tastes delicious!

Delicious and simple, sourdough bread has moved from the 'gourmet' category to that of the home staple. People value its digestibility and health benefits too.


I have been in the artisan bakery business since my very first home kitchen bakery was established in 1990. From very humble beginnings, my bakeries grew to become large multi site businesses, making everything from sourdough bread, to Danish and French Pastries, to Italian and German fermented breads and cakes.

In recent years, I have become skilled in sole baking techniques, with a particular interest in woodfired ovens - both in their design and use. I no longer run large bakeries, and prefer to supply loyal customers with high quality woodfired bread.

In the process of downsizing, I have been able to refine my sourdough technique, and from this I have developed simple sourdough breadmaking methods to suit commercial bakeries, cafe kitchens and home bakers. 

I now spend half my time teaching this technique, and consulting to bakeries and cafes. I passionately believe in the importance of the 'village bakery' in this corporatized world, and can site hundreds of examples of highly successful artisan bakeries around the world who have built sustainable and ethical businesses based on these principles.