Sourdough Bread Rolls

Written by Warwick Quinton. Posted in White starter Breads

Sourdough bread rolls


Sourdough Bread Rolls are such a lovely thing to bake - and to eat! When the woodfired oven is at its hottest - usually right at the beginning of the bake - the ripening rolls are peeled in as quickly as possible, so as to utilise the blistering heat. I use a large square baker's peel which can hold nine rolls at a time - though an even bigger peel would be very useful for this task. 

Almost as quickly, the rolls are rotated in the oven, and peeled out, to  ensure the crust is golden brown, while the base is not too thick. This is easier said than done when Luna the woodfired oven is sitting at around 300 degrees! More often than not the rolls come out beautifully, but even when the crust is a bit thick, they are still an amazing flavour and texture.

They weigh about 180 grams, so they are quite a large roll. Filled with salad, cheese and meat, they are a meal held in the hand. One roll satisfies a big appetite. 

The crust is thin, and the flavour is tangy. They are best consumed on the day you get them, but can be sliced and toasted to make delicious dip shovels for days afterwards as well.