Rye, Oat and Barley Sourdough

Written by Warwick Quinton. Posted in Rye starter breads

 Rye, Oat and Barley Sourdough Bread

Rye, Oat and Barley Sourdough has become a regular member of my sourdough bread family these days. It is a 'porridge bread', meaning that it contains a porridge, or 'soak' of barley grain and rolled oats.

Have a look at the porridge bread section of this website for more information about this technique. It creates a grainy bread that is soft, moist and sweet. 

The porridge is combined with a light rye dough, and enriched with a touch of wholewheat. The resulting bread is quite special - and very nutritious. Barley is an ancient grain, being beneficial for human gut flora while also containing many B group vitamins. Oats are said to lower cholestol.

Because of it's grainy exterior, this bread must be baked in a slow woodfired oven, giving it a thick, soft and very flavoursome crust.

Enjoy it with a salty matured cheese, or some tangy strawberry jam.