Fruit Sourdough

Written by Warwick Quinton. Posted in White starter Breads

Fruit Sourdough


Fruit Sourdough is what I like to call 'grown up fruit bread'. It exhibits all the complexity of flavour and texture you would expect from either a fine wine or a fancy meal at a restaurant - in a humble loaf of sourdough bread!

It's based around a white sourdough, with apricots, figs, dates and sultanas added in generous amounts - indeed, the fruit makes up about a fifth of the finished weight of bread. So you have a very chunky fruit bread, full of flavour.

I've steered clear of adding any fat or oil, but have succumbed to adding a smidgin of raw sugar to the dough, to give the crust softness. The interplay between sweet and sour is there, especially when I ferment the dough for more than 72 hours. It's baked on a low heat  in the woodfired oven, allowing this dense bread to cook gently. 

I particularly enjoy this bread with soft, ripe cheese, or prosciutto, or both. Of course, fruit sourdough bread with a lovely unsalted butter and nothing else at all goes down a treat.